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Episode 501 – “Because You Left”
We open to an alarm clock going off at 8.15, a baby is crying. The woman in the bed tells her husband it’s his turn. He puts on a record, gives the baby a bottle and wakes up. The record skips, he walks outside, it’s the barracks. The man walks into a studio and puts on a white lab coat as he harshly dismisses his need for a script. It’s Marvin Candle and he’s filming the orientation film for station two, ‘The Arrow’ when a Dharma worker says they have a problem at the Orchid.

They have been trying to drill through a wall but every time they try their drill’s just melt, it seems impenetrable. They look at a sonar reading of the wall and say there is something behind there, we can see the frozen donkey wheel that Ben turned to move the island. Dr. Candle tells them not to do anything else, where there are contains great energy that will help them time travel. He storms off but is almost hit by another worker. The first and now second worker talk, the first refuses to believe in time travel, the second turns out to be Daniel Faraday, looking just like he did when we left him on the Zodiac.

We go back to the funeral parlour and Ben brings in a trolley with which to move Locke/Bentham. Jack asks how it happened and Ben says it happened because you left. Kate is feeding breakfast to Aaron when there is a knock at her door, it is Dan Norton an attorney who wants to get a blood sample from her and Aaron to determine if he is her son or not. She tells him to leave and he says he’ll only be back with the sheriff. Kate packs a bag and takes a load of cash and a gun from inside her wardrobe and tells Aaron they’re going on holiday.

At Heathrow Airport in London Sun is detained. Whilst locked in a room Charles Widmore enters and says he had her trapped because she had the audacity to confront him in public. But he is curious to know what their mutual interests might be and Sun says that’s to kill Benjamin Linus. Sayid and Hurley escape Santa Rosa and head to a safe house, but there are people waiting inside. Sayid throws one of them off the balcony, killing him, and has a fight with the other. He gets hit with a tranquilizer but managers to kill the second by dropping him onto the open dish-washer drawer with knives poking upwards.

Outside Hurley, holding a gun, looks over the balcony at the dead body below and the crowd that’s gathered, one of them takes a photo of Hurley on his phone. In another hotel room Ben is watching the news that Hurley is wanted for murder, he says recruiting the others is going to be harder than he thought.

On the island and Locke covers his eyes as the white light engulfs the island as Ben moves it. When its over it’s raining and Locke is on his own. On the Zodiac Daniel approaches the beach saying they must have been inside the radius as Bernard exclaims their camp has gone. Daniel returns saying its not gone, its not been built yet. He asks that they be taken to a landmark on the island and Juliette says the Swan hatch is only fifteen minutes from them. Locke walks up a hill and hears something, a plane it crashing above him, it’s the Beechcraft that Yemi was on.

Locke rushes to the site of the crash and calls out for any survivors. He starts climbing the vines when he is shot at, a bullet hits his leg and he crashes to the ground. Out of the jungle appears Ethan. Locke tries to reason with him saying he knows who he is and that Ben made Locke the leader of the Others. Ethan ridicules the idea and goes to shoot Locke when the white light engulfs them again. When its gone its night and Richard appears to Locke. Locke asks where he went and Richard said he didn’t go anywhere, Locke did. He pulls out the bullet and tells Locke that the next time they meet Richard isn’t going to recognise Locke so John needs to give Richard a compass.

Sawyer wants answers from Daniel about what’s going on but Dan says he couldn’t even explain it to a quantum physicist. Sawyer slaps him and tells “Ginger” (or Charlotte) she’ll get one too if she’s not careful. Daniel explains time is like a thread, you can go back and forth on it but you can never start a new one, therefore if something never happened in the past they can’t change it. Sawyer is determined to save his friends on the helicopter but Daniel says it can’t be done.

As they head back to the beach, Daniel stays behind. Charlotte gets a nosebleed and Daniel tells her everything will be OK. When she’s gone Daniel bangs on the hatch door until Desmond answers. Dan says Des is uniquely special, the rules don’t apply to him and he needs to go to Oxford and find Daniel’s mother. Desmond wakes up on a boat, he says he was on the island. Penny says he’s been off it three years, it was just a dream. Des says it wasn’t, it was a memory. He raises the anchor and says they have to leave, he needs to go to Oxford.

Episode 502 – “The Lie”
When the Oceanic Six first got onto Penny’s boat Jack said they needed to lie, we see the group discussing the lie and Hurley is uncomfortable with it. He wants to know why they can’t tell the truth and Jack says because no one would believe them. Hurley said if they all stuck to it then they’d believe them, they had to and asks for Sayids support. Sayid says he thinks they have to lie too and Hurley says its uncool, one day Sayid will need Hurley’s help and he’s not going to give it to him.

Three years later and Hurley is driving a knocked out Sayid somewhere when he is pulled over by the police. As he rolls down the window he sees it’s Ana Lucia who tells him he needs to be careful, to stay away from the police. She tells him to take Sayid somewhere safe and get out of those clothes. He agrees and Ana says Libby said hi. Hurley changes at a petrol station and takes Sayid home. At the same petrol station Kate appears, she goes to ring Jack but then hangs up when someone else rings her. She says she’ll meet them in twenty minutes.

Kate arrives at a penthouse room in a hotel where she is greeted by Sun. they talk and Sun shows Kate a picture of her daughter, she hopes one day her and Aaron can play together. Sun doesn’t blame Kate for Jin’s death. She tells her that whoever wanted a blood sample wanted Aaron so to be careful.

Jack and Ben go to a hotel and Jack shaves off his beard. Ben opens a vent and takes out something and puts it in his bag. He tells Jack to pack a suitcase with everything from this life he wants because he can never come back. Jack looks for his pills but Ben has flushed them, Jack says good, that’s what he was about to do. Ben goes to a butchers and asks Gill to take care of Locke’s body until he is ready for it. She says everything is moving on schedule but Ben says if she can’t look after Locke then all this will be pointless.

Hurley takes Sayid to his parents mansion and asks his Dad for help. His father was watching Expose when Hurley arrived. Hurley asks his Dad to take Sayid to Jack which he does and Hurley’s mum wants to know what happened. Hurley explains that they lied and what really happened on the island. She tells him she believes him, but doesn’t understand him. Later Ben appears in Hurley’s kitchen, he says he can make it all go away. He will take Hurley back to the island where he won’t have to lie but Hurley runs out and turns himself over to the police. He is arrested and smiles at Ben who can only grimace.

On the island Bernard tries to start a fire and Neil (“Frogurt”) gets impatient with him. Miles says he’s off to get dinner as Daniel returns. He says he needs to get a new bearing by working out when in time they are. Charlotte says she has a headache and couldn’t remember her mothers maiden name earlier (remember last season Daniel couldn’t remember three cards?) Charlotte realises that Daniel knows what’s wrong with her when Miles returns with a boar on his back. He says he found it and it had only died three hours ago.

Frogurt says it doesn’t matter because Bernard can’t even start a fire when suddenly a flaming arrow strikes him in the chest. The whole camp comes under fire and they flee for their lives, some being taken down by arrows. When they get to safety Juliette and Sawyer attempt to catch up to the others at the stream, Sawyer treads on something and when he pulls it out it appears to have torn half of his toe off. (The four toed statue maybe?) They hide when they hear people approaching but are captured by three men who we’ve never seen before.

The one whose labelled “Jones” asks Sawyer who they are and what they’re doing on their island. Sawyer tries to reason with him but Jones orders the others (named Mattingly and Cunningham) to chop off one of Juliette’s hands. Sawyer tries to fight back when Mattingly and Cunningham are knocked out by rocks and Jones is hit by a knife. Locke walks out of the jungle and says hello.

In a basement somewhere a hooded figure does sums similar to Faraday’s from his college campus on a chalk board. There is a Foucault Pendulum swinging and drawing lines across a map on the floor. A computer, not unlike those from the Dharma hatches blinks “Event Window Determined” and the figure walks upstairs. There Ben Linus is lighting candles in a church like setting. The figure is revealed as Ms. Hawking. She tells him he has seventy hours with which to return to the island with the Oceanic Six. He says he needs more time and she says he can’t have any. Ben asks what would happen if he couldn’t get them all, she says then “God help us all.”

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