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Season Finale – “Live Together, Die Alone – Part 1”
Jack, Sayid and Sawyer swim out to the boat that has appeared on their shoreline, they hear music coming from within and then gunshots. It’s clear that whoever is shooting is out of ammo so they open the hatch to reveal a very drunk Desmond.

In flashbacks we see Desmond and how he came to be on the island. He was dishonourably discharged from the army and then he set about to win a solo race around the world. On his exit from prison he is handed his artefacts back which include a picture of Penny and his book, still bound, Charles Dickens Our Mutual Friend. He says he is saving it so it is the last thing he ever reads which the guard says is all well and good as long as he knows when he is going to die.

Outside a car is waiting for him, Mr. Widmore is inside. He has two boxes, one contains letters Des wrote to Penny and the other a large sum of money so he never appears again. Des refuses them and heads to America. In a coffee lounge he meets Libby who after discussing love and the race decides to give Des her late husbands sailing boat. Then we see him doing the Tour de Stad but before he begins running Penny turns up. She says with enough money you can find anyone and she wants to know why he didn’t write to her. Des asks about the wedding and Penny hasn’t yet set a date. Des says he’ll be back in a year, once he has his honour back and asks Penny to wait. We then see Des crash on the island and get the teach in at the hatch about the button.

Locke tries to convince Eko not to push the button but Eko is going to regardless, so Locke goes to Desmond who he tells about the Pearl Orientation film and they decide to lock Eko out of the computer room using a technique that lowers the blast doors Desmond knows. Eko goes to find Charlie, he wants the dynamite to blow open the blast doors.

Sayid, Sun and Jin set sail to the north coast of the island, it is Sayids plan that they will sail there quicker that Jack can walk so he’ll check out the area and signal if there is danger. On route they pass the remains of a statue, it is only a foot and it just has four toes. Meanwhile the rest continue their journey on foot and Kate spots they are being followed. She and Sawyer shoot at them and kill one of the Others, the second gets away. Sawyer wants to go after him but Jack says no, they are already compromised and forces Michael to tell the truth. Hurley finds out he let Henry go and killed Ana Lucia and Libby. Hurley wants to turn around and go home but Jack says no, they have to do this, he has a plan.

Season Finale – “Live Together, Die Alone – Part 2”
In the hatch Desmond has some more questions about the Pearl Station, he wonders is Locke has it the wrong way around, that maybe, just maybe they were the experiment. Locke says that’s not possible and says they aren’t pressing the button. Des asks why he’s so sure and Locke says that Boone died listening to Locke and then after they buried him he was banging his hands on the hatch door when it lit up, he thought it was a sign, but it was probably just Des going to the toilet.

Desmond’s flashbacks continue and we see him lowering the blast doors again so Kelvin can paint an invisible map. This is the same man who taught Sayid how to be a torturer. Des asks about Radsinsky and Kelvin shows him a blood stain on the roof. Des wants to go outside with Kelvin, just once, he has been down in the hatch two years now but Kelvin refuses. One night Des wakes to hear the alarm sounding, Kelvin is no where to be seen. After entering the numbers Des finds him beneath the computer room with a key. He tells Des this is a failsafe, turning it will blow the dam and make it all go away, but he’s too much of a coward to turn the key.

Then on one of Kelvin’s trips outside Desmond notices his bio suit is torn so he follows. Outside he spots Kelvin ditch the bio suit and wander freely outside. Des follows him to where Kelvin is restoring Libby’s boat. Des goes crazy at him for lying and in the scuffle Kelvin bangs his head and dies. Des races back to the hatch to find the hieroglyphics again and ‘system failure’ being written on the computer screen and announced. He frantically types in the numbers and thankfully they are accepted, but not after all the metal objects in the room start slamming against the wall. Afterwards Des goes to read his book but inside finds a letter from Penny that tells him he can do anything because he has someone who loves him more than anything.

Back in the hatch Des reads through the print out Eko brought back from the Pearl station and asks what day Locke’s plane crashed. It was September 24th, 2004 and Des finds the date and notices it’s the same one that the system failed. He believes he crashed their plane. The clock ticks down to the last minute and Des wants to enter the code, Locke smashes the computer. In a panic Des races to get the failsafe Key from inside ‘Our Mutual Friend’, Locke doesn’t want him to do anything but Des tells him that three weeks after the system failure he was ready to end it all, but he heard a banging on the hatch door, Locke. He says Locke saved his life that night and now he is going to save Lockes.

On the other side of the island, Sayid has scouted the Others camp and finds it empty, behind the Dharma doors is just rock. He lights the fire and Jack and gang spot it whilst looking at a pile of tubes full of notebooks. The signal is miles away from where they are, they turn to Michael and ask him where he is taking them. He apologises again but its too late, the Others hit the survivors with tranquilizers and take them to a dock. Henry turns up in a boat, the survivors tied in front of him.

In the hatch Des turns the key and everything goes crazy, the sky turns purple and everyone on the island covers their ears. Charlie returns to camp but there is no sign of Locke, Eko or Des. Claire wants to know what happened but Charlie doesn’t say anything. They kiss, she is glad he’s alright. At the dock Henry agrees to let Michael go, its not what he wanted but a deal is a deal and they got more than they bargained for when Walt joined them. Henry tells Michael to sail on a bearing of 325 and he’ll find rescue. Henry lets Hurley go and tells him to go back to his camp and warn the other survivors never to come back. We also learn that the bearded man who said to not cross the line is called Tom and that his beard is fake. Miss Clue is also called Fi.

In the final scene some Russians are in a bunker and its Arctic conditions outside. They are playing chess when a light is going off on their computer. It reads ‘Electro Magnetic Anomaly Detected’. They worry they’ve missed “it” again and one enters some figures onto a computer, the other makes a phone call. To Penelope Widmore. He says they think they’ve found it.

Season Two Questions
Where were the polar bears?
What is the smoke monster?
Was the Swan station real or experiement?
Why did the sky turn purple?
Who are the Others?
Why did Kelvin lie about being in quarantine?
How did Kelvin get on the island?

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