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We’ve been here a week now, the time really has flown by. Life doesn’t travel this fast back home. We re-visited Sea World this morning, getting there before they’d even opened the parking lot. But as soon as those red lights turned green, my God. Cars were darting in between lanes to try and find the fastest way in. Calm down drivers!


When we got into the park, nothing was open or running. We ended up looking at the penguins again but it was so cold in there we couldn’t stay for long. We rode Manta and did the Turtle Trek, looking at the manatees and turtles before taking in the Shamu show one final time. Both Debora and I wondered just who and at what point decided that killer whales were the animal of choice to make a show with.

We left the park in the early afternoon and went for lunch at Chilli’s, although were left disappointed as the four cheese enchilada was no longer on the menu. We had fajitas and a margarita flat bread, very underwhelming. After lunch we had a quick stop by CSI: The Exhibit to grab some merch – we had done all the cases last year. We then decided to visit the new I360 and go on the Orlando Eye. It was the grand opening (although had soft openings last week) and we were one of the first of the general public to ride. There were far too many staff on and very few patrons. Lots of empty pods were spinning around the wheel and only eight people were milling around with us who were split onto different pods.

Before you actually get on the Eye you have to sit though a “4D” cinema experience…I say sit, I mean stand. The film was really quite dull, nothing to do with the Eye itself just a lot of sights of Orlando. I would have rather learnt some facts about the construction or the Eye itself not just things that you can’t really see from the pods.


Going around passed quickly and our guide needed a little more knowledge about the attractions around Orlando other than “there is Universal, there is Disney”. It was quite a view though and a very smooth ride, it didn’t actually feel like we were moving. Although it was a good experience, I don’t think it was worth the admission price and if we had planned our trip better, I would have picked up multi-attraction tickets for a third of the price.

We returned to the hotel and did some washing before settling in for a bit of relaxation. Less than a week left of our holiday, we really don’t want to leave, there is still so much to do!

Archived: The Holiday Blog – Day Eight: Sea World & The Orlando Eye - archived
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