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Where does it go from here?

WARNING: If you’ve not yet seen Iron Man 3 or the post-credits scene, this post will contain…


So, Iron Man 3 (herein known as IM3) was great, but it left everyone asking the question – “Where are the Avengers? Where was SHIELD?”

If you stayed behind after the incredible credits of IM3, then you’ll know that there was a post credits scene featuring Tony Stark with Bruce Banner. Bruce was tired, so tired he had dropped off when Tony was telling him about his exploits in IM3.

Why was Bruce tired? Probably because he’d just got back from his own mission, maybe with some of the other Avengers or SHIELD. From this how about we speculate that Thor (although off in his own realm), Cap and Hulk were all off doing their own bit to save America whilst Tony was dabbling with the Mandarin.

That would explain why he couldn’t call them up – they were otherwise engaged. But wouldn’t it be cool if in Thor or Cap 2, we saw a brief scene, perhaps a news clip of Tony openly challenging the Mandarin as he did to the reporters? And a clip of Cap in Thor doing whatever he’s up to and vice versa.

This could pave the way for what I would hope could be Marvels greatest undertaking yet. The Civil War.

civil war

Introduce some more characters in Phase 3 and then Phase 4 lets have the split of the Avengers whilst they go up against each other in the Civil War storyline. Instead of individual stories then for Cap 4 or IM6, we would have 4 or 5 films dedicated to Avengers: Civil War Parts I – VI. (Lets face it, we’ll probably be sick to death of all the Marvel individual stories by then so consolidation seems to make sense).

It’s all speculation at the moment but by beginning to combine characters in each others stories and with the introduction of the SHIELD TV show, I can seriously see this as a viable option and one I’d be excited to see flourish.

Archived: The Marvel Cinematic Universe - archived
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