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Having read an article over at /Film on the state of the Spider-Man films I feel obliged to add my thoughts.

Long time readers will know I fell for the Raimi trilogy of films pretty hard and I even stand by Spider-Man 3. However, the reboot to Webb’s “Amazing” series just didn’t do it for me and the sequel was just abysmal. It appears I wasn’t the only one who thought so as now Sony are considering their future with the web-head.

We can’t turn back time so we’re never going to get my Spider-Man 4 and 5 movies (where I plotted a huge Venom/Carnage/Spider-Man battle that crossed two films) and we have to look at what can be done now. The super-hero market is fully saturated at the moment, so a total reboot might not be the way to go. No-one needs to see another origin story, let alone another Spidey one!

But the idea of focusing on the Sinister Six, that was new, that was fresh, that could have worked. But now talk turns to scrapping that idea and the Venom solo outing. Why? If Sony wants to keep the rights they can dish out solo films based on Spider-Man characters, so be bold and brave and do something different. Spider-Man can appear, he could even be recast, how would we know if he didn’t take off the mask.

In my opinion, the solution is clear. Sony and Marvel need to sit down and thrash out a deal to allow Spidey to return home. Sony can get a slice of the profit or sell the character completely and lets get things back where they belong. Who doesn’t want to see Marvel’s Civil War played out on the big screen?

Archived: The Problem With Spider-Man - archived
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  • 08/10/2014 at 16:39

    Yes, and you’re still wrong about Spider-Man 3. 😉

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