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This past weekend saw the return of AMCs top rated drama, The Walking Dead. After the slow paced season two (albeit for the incredible ending), fears would settle as the gang geared up for the tricky third season. I’ve given up on a lot of shows as they entered their third season but being the fan I am of the graphic novels and my penchant for zombies, I just knew this was going to be good.


Whilst the opening episode delivered on many points, the face being ripped off with the mask on one particular zombie being one of my highlights, the story seemed to race through at Usain Bolt like pace. Whilst season two was spent on Hershel’s farm, with nothing really going on other than deciding what part of the woods to explore next, here the gang have slain some walkers, found a prison and already made a section of it safe for habitat, all in the space of forty-five minutes.

Those familiar with the graphic novels will be aware that the prison not only houses its own threats, but soon becomes the target for one man, The Governor. The books most notorious villain and a fan favourite. We already know that David Morrissey has been cast for the role so he will make an appearance, but in what capacity is yet to be seen.

In the books the prison also holds a number of human threats and judging by the opening episode we are going to see some of those here and now. Although I doubt the TV Show will feature Dexter and his brutal assaults on the children of the group – if we do, look out Beth, you’re the only one he’ll probably take, a standoff between inmates and the survivors is bound to happen, leading to more issues of trust and an eventual shoot out.

With the death of Dale in season two, his comic book storyline would never be fulfilled – getting his legs eaten by some cannibals. But it looks like that’s what has been going on in the prison. The zombies on the floor missing limbs and Hershel getting bitten leading to Rick chopping off his leg with a hatchet. Gruesome stuff. Are the TV’s inmates going to be cannibals?

Whilst comparisons can be drawn on from the source material, the TV show is its own gruesome beast and that is what keeps it fresh and entertaining – although Lori is still alive and she is neither. The thought of a dead fetus inside Lori eating her from the inside out though, now that’s refreshing. This was a thoroughly good start to the season and despite its pace, I’m sure that’s because they’ve got a lot of action to come. The zombies look great, even the new animatronic ones, I hope to see some of those at a theme park this Halloween. The show is just as bloody as ever and plenty of moments that make you cringe.

Here’s to a long and successful season!

Archived: The Walking Dead Return - archived
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