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Empire magazine teamed up with the Sony Ericsson Awards and gave readers the chance to create their very own short film.

The rules were simple, you could recreate any major motion picture you liked, but you had to cut it to 60 seconds and there could be no nudity.

NJB Inter@ctive chose to remake Forrest Gump, original drafts of the script just saw Forrest running in different situations but when some cast were unable to make the due filming date, the script had to be changed at the last minute to make accomodations.

The entire shoot lasted just four hours and then the editing process took about eight. There were many scenes that had to go unviewed but they are available right here in the Directors Cut.

Directed By Neil Brazier
Staring Jared Thomas, Jack Carradine, Ruth Brown, Jon Owens & Verity Jane Naughton
Recorded Date 09/02/2008

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