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So I’ve decided I clearly don’t blog enough. Is it because I’m lazy or because I don’t have anything interesting to write about?

Sure I could go on about what I did at the weekend – went home to see my mother and ended up being forced to watch I’m a Celebrity. Honestly, how does that constitute entertainment? I couldn’t watch as the “celebs” tried to take down blended mice coffees and whatnot. I don’t want to see people vomiting on TV, I don’t want to see this. Thus, the reason I don’t watch. But I still struggle to understand how other people take entertainment from it.

I also watched bits of The X Factor. I know, I should be shot. It goes against everything I stand for yet if I didn’t watch this little bit I wouldn’t be as infuriated as I am now. I seriously don’t think these kids can sing. I know I’m going up against the world here and music judges who have decades in the industry but I thought they all butchered the songs on “rock” week – and that term has to be used very loosely!

Its my belief that the music industry has got so generic and filled with crap that people like Walsh and Cowell have just become lazy and thought “that’ll do” or “I can fix that in mixing”. Where has the X gone?

Enough of that, yuk.

I have been asked to join in with the works charity event next year – The Three Peaks Challenge. This means I need to start getting fit. I am looking for suggestions on how to do this. The first thing I’m going to do is cut down on the food, try to go back onto the rice diet I was on and nothing else. I know I’ll never be able to cut out all of the crap straight away, so I am allowing myself some chocolate digestives in the hope to wean onto the plain ones.

I also plan on walking a lot more, if I can walk somewhere and not drive, I’m going to do it. I went for a bit of a walk on Sunday. Ended up going down by the river and saw bits of Worcester I’d not before. It’s an exploration, something I enjoyed and hope to do more of as this county is very beautiful.
I will try to keep you abreast of my progress. Don’t hold me to it!

Finally, for now, I want to try and expand my mind. I was watching Pointless yesterday and one of the questions was to name obscure first names of Presidents. I was appalled – for some reason – of my lack of knowledge of the American Presidential chain, for someone who supposedly loves that country! Therefore, my early new years resolution is to learn about ALL of the American Presidents until I can at the very least recite them in order, but ideally, so I know some trivia about them too. I feel this blog will become a hub of knowledge soon.

Anyway, until next time – and I promise there will be a next time in the very short future – stay safe!

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