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Winner Takes All Match: WWE United States Champion John Cena vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins
Neil Says: I’m curious to see how this one plays out, I mean it’s not ideal for either competitor to be both champions. I really want to say Cena will win this, but seeing as he’s just had new 15x shirts printed, he probably won’t. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest Sheamus tries to cash in Money in the Bank but loses out and Rollins runs away with only the World Title because, lets face it, this title for title ended in a no contest.
Debora Says: Cena, obviously.

Triple Threat for the WWE Intercontinental Title: The Miz vs. Big Show vs. Ryback
Neil Says: I couldn’t care less. Ryback to retain.
Debora Says: The Miz

Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Tag Team Titles: The New Day vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores vs. The Prime Time Players
Neil Says: Another one I could care less about. Lets say The New Day will retain.
Debora Says: Los Matadores, we don’t see enough of them anymore. OLE!

Elimination Match: Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs. Naomi, Tamina Snuka and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks vs. Brie Bella, Alicia Fox and Divas Champion Nikki Bella
Neil Says: Team PCB will win this one.
Debora Says: Team Bella.

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker
Neil Says: Undertaker will trump Lesnar and set up Lesnar v Taker 3 at WrestleMania.
Debora Says: Undertaker, even though I feel like he needs to go home.

Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose
Neil Says: The Wyatts will win, when Erick Rowan returns to the family.
Debora Says: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

King Barrett and Stardust vs. Stephen Amell and Neville
Neil Says: Anything other than a Red and Green Arrow win would be diabolical booking.
Debora Says: Neville & Arrow

Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens
Neil Says: Cesaro is Superman. But Owens will win.
Debora Says: Kevin Owens

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus
Neil Says: If only this were for the briefcase. Orton to win and Sheamus to appear “injured” so his main event appearance is all the more shocking!
Debora Says: Orton

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev
Neil Says: Ziggler will beat the Bulgarian Brute, probably with some sort of Lana/Summer Rae action on the side.
Debora Says: Dolph

Archived: WWE SummerSlam 2015 Predictions - archived
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