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So I’ll keep this short and sweet.

The vote will go one of two ways – obviously it’s not going to go more than one way.

Labour are out. Sorry but Brown ruined it when he got caught with his mic on. The fact he’d ruined the country and Labour have been killing us slowly for the past five years also might have something to do with it.

Thanks to the TV interviews people have finally heard about the Liberal Democrats and are thinking – wow, these people sorta make sense.

So the vote will either go to the Lib Dems and see us with a hung parliament which will actually do more harm than good or go to David Cameron who most people were behind until they learned about the Lib Dems. Now they just think he’s a smarmy tosser.

Regardless of who wins there is one stone cold fact that will come out of this. The BNP – love them or hate them – will get a shedload more seats. People don’t know who to vote for. They don’t want Labour in, that’s a certainty, but they don’t know between the other major two. So I can say in all honesy that people at the polling station will think. “Fuck it, my vote won’t count anyway, let’s go BNP for a laugh”.

That vote will count and more people will do the same and I’ll be very surprised if they don’t have a VERY close number of seats to the main parties when this is done and dusted.

I hope I’m wrong.

There is a strong chance I am. Lets look at the last remaining factor. The USA went from Republican George Bush to a Democrat Barack Obama and no bugger has heard a peep out of America or Obama complaining or otherwise. So England will follow suit. Go from Red to Blue and hope for the best.

One thing is for sure with this election. Actual voter belief has nothing to do with it. It’s down to the best of a bad bunch and a “that’ll do” mentality.

See you tomorrow.

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