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Y2InNYC Y2Neil.com has been going for many years, today it is a hub of media activity with Film and TV reviews, opinions on Sports and videos created by Y2Neil himself.

If you require video assistance, be it filming, compiling, editing or the whole nine yards, Y2Neil is here to help. Just get in touch via the Contact page and enquire about the availability and services of Y2Neil.

So who am I? I’m nobody special, I’m rarely late and have a degree in Creative Writing. I have a few passions in life, the main one being film. My all time favourite films are American Beauty, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Ghost World. I have a strange obsession with the band Wheatus, Spider-Man and like to spend quality time playing Rock Band or Fifa on my Xbox 360.

I’m an out and proud nerd albeit not a very good one and have designed a few websites, this one included. I also run www.tiafoxphotography.com and www.hornetsfc.com which you’re very welcome to take a look at. I like to blog when I can find the time and you’ll find a complete compendium of my thoughts right here in the Directors Chair. Feel free to post comments and critisism – I am opinionated and some people may not like what I have to say but try not to take anything too seriously.

Enjoy your time here, thanks for stopping by, but mainly, stay classy.

How to Save WWE Supercard

If WWE Supercard were to announce the game had reached the end of its life, I don’t think I’d be too traumatised. Despite putting in countless of hours of gameplay since its launch back in 2014 – People’s Champion Challenge anyone? – and it being probably my most played game across all devices and consoles …

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WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions

30-Man Royal Rumble Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title Neil Says: I’m going to go crazy here and suggest that Roman Reigns gets eliminated early on and Bray Wyatt ends up winning. Debora Says: Jericho. Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title – Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose Neil Says: Kevin Owens …

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New York – Day Three

Another busy day, another wet day. After breakfast at the Stardust diner that featured singing waiters and waitresses, our’s a fellow Brit from Leicester, we trotted over to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum. We were a trifle early so had a wait in the rain before we were let in. First we went …

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New York – Day Two

It’s been raining all day, undoubtedly we’ll have a cold at some point, but we didn’t let it stop our plans. Although it did stop our plans. First thing we took the PATH train over into New Jersey where we visited Hoboken and Carlo’s Bakery, as seen in TV’s Cake Boss. There was no Buddy …

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