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Episode 217 – “Lockdown”
Whilst at the hatch Locke begins to hear strange sounds coming from one of the speakers, then there is a countdown and sudden the blast doors drop. He manages to get a crowbar under one of the doors before it closes completely. John releases Henry and asks for his help, he agrees but only if he can get Johns word that no matter what happens, he will be protected. Locke agrees.

The pair manage to get the blast door up and wedge a tool box underneath, although as John tries to crawl under it drops a bit and impales his leg. All this and the alarm is about to go off. Jack is supposed to be back any minute from the beach but he has been caught up in a game of poker with Sawyer. Jack is playing for the medicine and is doing a great job of winning it back.

In flashbacks we see John and Helen preparing for a picnic, John plans to propose but the joy is cut short when Helen reads an obituary for Anthony Cooper. They go to the funeral and John says he forgives Anthony, there are some suspicious folks around. Whilst on an inspection later John is met by a silver car, in it is his father! Anthony explains he pulled a retirement con and had to fake his own death to get people off his back, but it didn’t work. He needs John to get the money from a safe deposit box for him.

John agrees and comes home happy but finds two men in his kitchen. He lies, saying his father is dead and lies again to Helen. Later when John is handing over the money to Anthony, Helen appears and is really upset. Locke tries to explain to her what happened and proposes but she drives off, so does Anthony.

The alarm is going off in the hatch and John needs Henry to climb through the vents to press the button. John panics as the alarm gets louder and louder and Henry isn’t replying. Then the alarm stops, the code is entered. But the lights go out and a UV one comes on, this illuminates a strange map on the back of the blast door. Seconds later and the lights return and the door rises.

In the jungle Jack and Kate find a food drop as Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie turn up. As Henry helps Locke recover the others appear and throw Henry against a wall. Sayid says they found his balloon but he didn’t believe the story, so he dug up the grave and found a man not a woman inside, a man named Henry Gale.

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