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Episode 202 – “A New Cup”
When Jermaine notices Bret has brought a new cup he questions how he could afford it. Bret says it only cost him $2.79 and they did need two cups since Jermaines cup roster meant Bret could never have a cup of tea at the same time as Jermaine. One month later and Jermaine is doing the bills, they’re electricity payment bounced because their account was overdrawn by $2.79, in turn their gas and phone bills bounced too. Their power goes out and now owe more money.
Bret sells his guitar but the gig doesn’t go very well, in a review written by Murray they only got two out of a hundred stars because they only had Jermaine’s ‘Dad’ guitar. They sell that too and now become “Flight of the No Chords” according to Murray’s newest review. They ask to use the emergency band fund but Murray has that tied up in an internet deal after he received an email from Nigeria offering to double their money for a short term investment.

Jermaine decides to become a prostitute but after failing to give Mel a massage they don’t do very well. Bret makes some “super straws” and sells them for a dollar each even though it costs him over five dollars to make them. In the next band meeting Jermaine is missing but there is a Nigerian fellow with them. Murray introduces him as the man he helped over the email and that the band fund is now doubled so they can afford to buy the instruments back. But Jermaine is off pimping himself out to people. Murray asks Bret to go save him but Jermaine doesn’t want to be saved, he’s about to have sex with a beautiful woman. Shame Bret brought the police with him and they wind up in jail. Murray has to bail them out with the emergency band fund and now they’re back at square one.

Hilarious. The songs are still taking a while to sink in with me in this season but the ‘Sugarlumps’ track was fun. I think they’re trying too hard to be funny with the songs. The second was done in a reggae style and I think they should try and stick to the folk music. Nevertheless Conchords never fails to make me laugh and the whole cup saga was just brilliant.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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