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Episode 417 – “Every Which Way But Lose”
Stan isn’t interested in anything Steve does, he thinks he is a loser and always finds a way to make him cry. Steve decides that to make his Dad proud he’ll join the football team and Stan suddenly takes a keen interest in his son. At the practice Stan is signed up to be a coach and his first act is to cut Steve.

With Roger, Steve decides he is going to make his Dad cry now by beating his football team, but Roger’s leadership skills are poor and the new team made up of duds and cut players are terrible. In the last game of the season they’re up against Stan and his team. They realise they can’t beat them so will have to cheat. Steve lubes himself up with stuff Roger secretes and slips his way through the other players.

By the time of the last play Steve’s team needs a touchdown to win but Roger is out of slimy juice, they have to resort to one of Roger’s plays that needs a magician, thankfully they have one on the team and they make the play and score a touchdown. Stan is distraught and tries to kill himself because he lost. Steve tries to make him see sense but at the country fayre Stan again tries to kill himself.

Steve tells a sob story to Stan about how his father cut him from the football team which makes Stan cry, he suddenly feels better and decides not to kill himself. Meanwhile Francine is trying to bake the perfect pie to win the competition at the fayre, she is always beaten by a mystery opponent who turns out to be Hayley! This year they face off but are both beaten by Roger dressed up as a contestant.

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