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Episode 408 – “Chimdale”
Some girls are spying on Steve and his friends in the shower, ala Porkys but with the roles reversed. One shouts at him to get his curve sorted and Snot exclaims they’re talking about his back. Steve goes to the doctor and its confirmed he has scoliosis and needs to wear a back brace, a large steel contraption. Stan convinces him to go to school and no one will pick on him, but as soon as he arrives he is labelled different.

Steve leaves early and goes home, seeing his Dad is already there. He walks in to find Stan blow drying a wig, he is bald. Stan tells Steve that no one would like him if he were bald but Steve says that he has to stop wearing the wig if he wants Steve to wear the brace. Stan agrees and the next day comes home after being bullied, apparently. Steve goes to visit Stan at work the day after and sees he isn’t wearing his wig. He was lied too. Steve then steals Stan’s wig and runs off to Chimdale Health Spa where Hayley, Roger and Francine are relaxing after Roger won free tickets in a radio competition.

Only Roger only won two tickets and there are three of them at the spa. He sneaks Hayley in but the three of them become increasingly worried when the spa detective thinks their behaviour is suspicious. When Steve and Stan arrive at the spa Francine asks where his wig is, everyone but Steve and Stan knew he wore a wig and didn’t care after all. The spa cop finds out about Hayley and Francine but lets them get away with it if they help him solve a case of missing nuts. He figures it out and has finally become as good a detective as his father
It’s been a while since I last saw an American Dad episode and this wasn’t as bad as I remembered it being. Some funny parts in places but no horrendously laugh out loud moments. Although Francine and company took Klaus with them to the spa, he didn’t have a single line to say. Shame.

Y2Rating: 5/10

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