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It has been revealed that the reason for the volcanic eruption from Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajoekull was actually caused by aliens. Unidentified Flying Objects have been spotted loitering around the in the ash particles as they expand over the world.

Astrologists fear that the alien life forms are using the cloud as a cover to spy on Earths inhabitants without fear of being interrupted by passing aircraft.

It is currently unclear if the aliens want to invade the planet or are just gathering reconnaissance to take back to where-ever they are from for later use.

Some people are already forming pickets around Area 51 in the United States and at the Hoover Dam with messages for the aliens, eagerly awaiting the ash cloud to actually spread to their continent. The French have put their national guard on standby and the Russians are eager to learn if the alien craft are carrying weapons of mass destruction.

With aircraft grounded scientists can only ponder what is really going on above the ash, time will tell if this turns out to be E.T. or Mars Attacks.

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