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Today Chris Morgan posted the following article on UPROXX.

This was my reply.

Dear Chris Morgan,

You are a fucking moron.

As Auli said above, you not only haven’t done your research into what the song is really about, but your argument that “these bands are crafting disingenuous music in order to sell records” is the most banal thing I’ve ever read. Bands create music to sell records (not that anyone in this digital age is buying records) regardless of whatever the lyrics are. By suggesting that these bands are disingenuous you put it upon that there are people out there who are genuine. In that point, is Eminem preaching that we should shoot a person’s head off, or is Beyonce real because she sings about those gosh darn bills.

Forgetting that, this is a FUCKING SONG! Who cares what story it tells or lyrics it uses, if it’s catchy and toe-tapping, enjoy it. If it appeals, listen, buy. It’s not aimed at teenagers, its aimed at anyone who enjoys music. My Chemical Romance sung that “teenagers scare the living shit out of me”, yet teenagers will buy the song even though they’re being berated. The point being that if the tune is good, it is worth listening to.

To suggest that a music genre is dead because it’s not played on the music television anymore just shows how ignorant you are. The music industry has changed, the internet has taken hold of it and choked it out. Now music is enjoyed live and guess what? The pop-punk scene is alive and well. (At what point is Wheatus considered pop-punk anyway? Pop Rock maybe).

I implore you to open up your eyes, ears and mind and go out and listen to some awesome bands that you could consider “pop-punk” Army of Freshmen, Math The Band, Hand Job Academy and Late Cambrian. Next time, think before you post. Idiot.

Archived: Chris Morgan Is An Idiot: Wheatus Killed Pop-Punk - archived
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One thought on “Archived: Chris Morgan Is An Idiot: Wheatus Killed Pop-Punk - archived

  • 24/08/2015 at 18:45

    You took the words out of my mouth with this; absolutely absurd to even imply that one band single-handedly killed a genre they’re not even a part of.

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