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This is for you Mike.

FUCK Simon Cowell, FUCK the X-Factor, FUCK the music industry. BUY Rage Against the Machine to make it Xmas #1!

Whilst I do stand behind the sentiment to fuck this Simon Cowell bullshit that goes on, the music industry as a whole is screwed up and just making RATM Xmas number one isn’t going to stop this bollocks from continuing.

The only way is to turn off your TVs Saturday night, go and support a local or independent band who have a REAL love and passion for the industry, who make music for the sake of doing something they love and enjoy and not to see how much money they can make.

Wheatus said it before me. If bands like Girls Aloud and Coldplay were only given a salary of $40,000 a year (£33,000) would they contiune to make music? The answer is no.

So buy Rage Against the Machine and then RAGE AGAINST THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.

Fuck Simon Cowell, Fuck Cheryl Cole, Fuck corporate bigwigs, Fuck the system.

This is only the start. By the end of this week (hopefully), I will have something that will shake the very foundations of the entire music industry to it’s knees!

Watch this space.

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