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Earlier today I posted this on Twitter:

So many reasons to be disappoited with Glee this week…poor camera work, terrible cliche songs, bad acting, lost all development of story..

I just wanted to clear some things up, expand on those thoughts. Firstly let me say I do enjoy Glee, well, I enjoyed Season One but so far this term has not lived up to the last.

I’ll start off with the technical points. I don’t know if it was the directors bad choice or a new style the network wans to adapt, but the poor camera work and quick cuts have been really poorly done in my mind. They don’t capture anything really exciting and have no real place. Close up of the faces in tight angles look so unappealing it doesn’t give anything to the showbiz flair we expect from these Glee clubbers.

The music choices this year have been terrible. I didn’t watch season one in real time so I don’t know how the songs compare but it seems like that episode of Extras where they get Coldplay to sing on the sitcom – it has no reason to be there, no right of place. It feels like the songs this year are to promote singles released in the charts.

Take the Britney episode. It didn’t really have a point to it but then right at the end they throw in a Paramore song – in a Britney episode…? In the first episdoe they sung Billionaire, didn’t make any sense to me and didn’t feel fitting with the show.

In the latest episode it seems the songs are chosen from either a line in the dialogue or so badly cliche’d due to the storyline they feel awkward and uncomfortable. In season one the songs felt special, this year they seem to be just cramming in song after song regardless of them having any point or meaning.

Speaking of storyline – I know there isn’t a lot they can do, a Glee club wants to make it to a contest final. That’s fine, but at least deal with character arcs in the meantime. Why cram a tough subject like a parent falling ill into one episode. Have that develop and give the story room to breathe. It’s all well and good giving Rachel an enemy in episode one, but then not to see nor hear from her again, not even just a thirty second scene showing her in the opposition choir?

Maybe the producers have decided to forget the storylines and cram in more songs because that’s what the kids are good at, singing, not a lot else. Kurt and Rachel really annoy me, I don’t think they can act or offer anything other than what we’ve seen over and over again.

And is anyone else freaked out by Arties constant rapping. He’s a geek, not a rapper. And don’t get me started on him joining the football team.

There is a Rocky Horror episode airing on October 26th. If you know me you know this is my favourite musical of all time. They’d better not fudge it up. If Kurt plays Frank I’ll be mighty upset.

I want to know how it is going to fit in. Halloween at the school? Or will they look at freedom in sexuality? Are we going to get another gay character (the new QB Sam clearly!) or will Kurt start dressing as a girl next? Either way it’ll be EPIC. Win or Fail is still in the balance.

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