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The smarks of the WWE are in uproar over the current booking of World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, who has had a long summer of being the Authority’s lap dog and now is being booked against Kane, many of whom think is now over the hill.

Yes, Kane does struggle to get around the ring as well as he used to and the constant changes to his disposition haven’t helped matters, but he is a veteran of the company and can still wrestle. The problem that most people are having is to do with the split personality storyline being given to Kane. On the face of it, happy go lucky Corporate Kane is doing what’s best for business and supporting the champ Rollins. On the flip side we have the demonic monster who Corporate Kane seems to know nothing about. The Monster Kane clamored out from under the ring to drag Seth to hell and then the next week, Corporate Kane is all smiles and coffee cups.

Where I think WWE have failed this story is in the execution. Demon Kane should have been kept a mystery, with Corporate Kane (henceforth known as CK) not understanding what Seth is upset about leading to CK being in the same place as Rollins when Demon Kane appears. Imagine that! CK and SR in the ring when the lights go out, there’s an explosion and a monster in shadows dressed as Demon Kane attacks Rollins.

The sudden shift of personalities when CK was taken away in an ambulance after a Rollins attack with the smoke and the red lights, not to mention the hobbling followed by a stamp to make him OK again. It was just a bit lame. There was an opportunity to have a top quality demonic uprising next week, a chance gone begging. Rollins brags about how he defeated Kane, he’s even had a casket made to commemorate it. The lights turn red, flames engulf the ring and out of the coffin sits Kane, who then chokeslams Rollins into it.

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