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Earlier this week, test footage from the long spoke about Deadpool movie was leaked online. It was a heavily CGI footage, and shot on a handycam it seemed. All copies of this were quickly removed.

However, Tim Miller and Blur Studios – the people responsible for compiling this footage – have now released an official version allowing us to view the Merc With A Mouth test footage in all its potential glory.

Having viewed the footage I think we can all agree that it looks brilliant. It’s just how a Deadpool movie should be. The finished product will no doubt be full of violence, blood and comments that break the fourth wall. Ruddy good fun. But that could also be its downfall.

The reason Deadpool has been sitting in development hell for so long is down to the fact the studios are too frightened to take a risk. Despite Kick-Ass making its money back and more, the hype that surrounded that film didn’t equate to bums-on-seats at the end of the day and despite its home video success which tipped the scale to the sequel, the greedy studios were expecting it to make them a whole lot more than it did.


Deadpool would be a movie in a similar vein to Kick-Ass, violent, funny and with a lot of buzz around it. So you can see why studios might be hesitant, but shouldn’t people take a risk every now and then?

The Deadpool movie has fans and backers alike saying it will only work if it’s rated R, allowing full on bloody violence. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been getting more violent – just see Iron Man 3 or Captain America: The Winter Solider for reference – but Deadpool is different. He would require plenty of the red stuff, a vulgar mouth and full on use of his arsenal of weapons to hurt and maim. He is not your ordinary superhero.

We’ve seen superhero movies with higher ratings before, like Blade and Punisher. Whilst Blade had a success back really before the boom in the genre, Punisher remains another example of why studios might want to keep away and stick with a family friendly Deadpool. But it only takes one exception to break the rule, why not let that be Deadpool?

The film already has a bankable star attached in Ryan Renyolds – ok, it is Ryan Renyolds of Green Lantern fame, but he’s still a Hollywood A lister and he wants this project to take off. We shall all just forget about X:Men Origns: Wolverine and everything will be fine.


I really hope the test footage gets people talking, but not just talking, acting. If the film gets the green light then those people that created the buzz, that wanted this film, need to go and see it in cinemas. Prove to the studios that R-rated films are still a bankable option. Marvel have changed the cinema landscape once already, let Fox have a go at doing it again.

Archived: Deadpool Test Footage - archived
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