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It’s not that I’ve forgotten that Desperate Housewives has returned moreso I haven’t had the time to offer my thoughts on it with several other things all on my plate at once. Rather than offer full recaps I’ll give you a quick run down of what happened.

Episode 512 – “Connect! Connect!”
After Edie throws Dave out he moves in with Mike and learns that Mike no longer loves Susan, instead he now feels in love with Katherine and doesn’t want her to move away to be with her daughter. Susan realises that she’s not in love with Jackson and tells him she isn’t going to move in with him. Dr. Alex tells Bree not to belittle Orson, at least not around him and they have an argument. They sort things out when Bree says she needs someone like Alex around her and for him not to take offence to her.

Lynette needs to get Porter away from her mother so fakes a car accident to bring them out of hiding. Lynette and her mother settle their differences and get a chance to move on as Porter agrees to appear in front of court.

Episode 513 – “The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened”
This has been one of the worst episodes of the season, merely a filler episode. It didn’t move the story along at all or offer anything substantial or new for us to digest. Instead it focuses on the life of Eli Scruggs who was a handyman on Wisteria Lane but he decides its time to retire. Everyone gets upset but he does one last job for Susan and dies on her roof. The gang then remember the times Eli has helped them out, which includes sleeping with Edie. The final flashback is where Eli first comes to Wisteria Lane and asks Mary Alice if she has any work needed doing. At first she dismisses him but when she sees he has a hole in his shoe she offers him work and recommends him to all the ladies on the street.

It was a poor and boring episode and one you can skip if you are playing catch up on us. Hopefully things will start to pick up pace again, now Dave knows Mike loves Katherine we expect him to go after her and kill her instead of Susan. This only leads to another season finale where Katherine is at the centre of an attack. Will that matter? Not really, Neal McDonough is doing a great job as Dave and I’m really into this character. Maybe they can figure out a way to keep him around, but the way the story is panning out at the moment, I doubt it.

I think the Housewives will be back this Sunday and I promise to get back into the more regular reports from now on.

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