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Episode 516 – “Crime Doesn’t Pay”
Orson is a polite gentleman, but if someone is rude to him, he likes to get even, by stealing something. This is evident from last weeks episode where he steals Andrew’s pen, and after visiting the Scavo’s closing down sale, takes Tom’s favourite salt shaker. Talking of Tom, he is a broken man so Bree agrees to help him out as her publicist is looking for a new advertising executive so invites them both to dinner. Tom is less than enthusiastic and it shows which prompts Lynette to try for the role herself. Tom then realises he does want the job and so begins an argument, each trying to better the other.

The publicist is a rude man and is rude towards Orson so he steals the publicists tape recorder only for Bree to see and snatch it back. Bree is then rude to Orson and so he steals her earrings. At home Tom and Lynette apologise to each other, Lynette says she’d like to go back to work and Tom allows her, saying they’ve done his thing for seven years.

Meanwhile Katherine is throwing a moving in party for Mike, Susan brings her a punch bowl and notices that her picture she painted for Mike is hanging over the mantelpiece. Susan tells Katherine she painted it and on the night of the party, the picture is gone. Susan finds it in the garage and tells Mike who fights with Katherine over it. The next day Katherine comes over to apologise but really has a go at Susan for making a big deal out of it. She already has to live over the road from Mike’s ex, be her friend, she doesn’t want to have to be in the middle of all of this. The day after Susan goes and takes the painting back from Katherine citing an argument with Mike and making it clear Katherine was not “in the middle”.

Gabby and Carlos can’t take lying anymore so Gabby tells Brad he must come clean with his wife otherwise she will. He agrees but says that Carlos is fired. The next day Gabby gets a phone call from a flustered Maria and they go visit her. They find Brad dead on the floor, stabbed with a kitchen knife. They call the police.

Whilst out shopping for alcohol with Edie, a priest recognises Dave and says hello. Dave ushers Edie away and tells the priest he’s moved on and doesn’t want him to bring anything up that might upset his new wife. The priest agrees and leaves. At the church Edie tries to speak to the priest who doesn’t want to give her any information. He accidentally calls her Mrs. Dash and when she corrects him he apologises saying he is too old school to think she’d take his name. This prompts investigation from Edie to find out just who her husband is.

Good episode, back on track, although what happened to the camping trip they were preparing for?

Y2Rating: 8/10

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