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Episode 517 – “The Story of Lucy and Jessie”
At the funeral for Brad, Carlos is promoted to President of the company and Gabby couldn’t be more thrilled, that is until she learns Carlos has hired an old girlfriend as his number two. When Gabby sees the ex is overweight she relaxes but again Carlos shocks her when he reveals she’s always been that way. Gabby is worried.

Lynette feels old when all the other interviewees are much younger than her and they gossip about friends of theirs having kids and being over the hill. She struggles after she’s had seven interviews and no offers as yet. She learns Carlos is looking for a marketing manager so asks Gabby for help, at first she refuses but after learning about Lucy she gets Lynette the job.

Susan learns she is under evaluation by Jessie so invites her over for dinner. Jessie gets the wrong idea about Susan, thinking she is gay. Susan backs her way out of it which angers Jessie, thinking she is being rejected again but Susan shares that they’re both lonely but can be there for each other as friends.

Bree confronts Orson about his stealing and ends up taking him to counselling, Bree thinks he is sick and leaves him with the doctor. Orson says he enjoys stealing because its something Bree can’t control and he loves it.

Edie finds out more about Dave’s past and that he lost his wife and daughter in a car crash. Dave convinces Katherine to come camping after she pulled out and everything is set. At the newspaper office they have more information for Edie about who else was in the car accident but are reluctant to send it.

Can’t fault this episode, more laughs, more joy, good solid show. I am still waiting for the payoff with the Dave situation and can’t wait for them to go camping now. Bring it on.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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