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Episode 518 – “A Spark To Pierce The Dark”
We see Dave executing his plan of killing Katherine in the woods and helping Mike grieve over her loss, only its in his head and not happened yet, but it seems to be falling into place when Dave, Katherine and Mike set off to the woods for their camping trip. Dave calls the Ranger station and warns them he’s seen some hunters shooting illegally.

Gabby wants sex with Carlos but he’s not giving it to her, he is busy at work and too tired when he gets home. Gabby consults Tom, the only person left on the street now everyone is busy working and is told that all men want to do it no matter how much they resist. Gabby tries again and fails, this time Carlos ties her up and leaves her. The next morning Gabby awakens to find a gift left for her.

At Carlos’ work Lucy is upsetting everyone, including Lynette, by making them work late and long hours. Later she shouts at Lynette for complaining about her to Carlos and not going directly to her. Then Gabby arrives, angry that her and Carlos seem to be falling back into old habits, she has brought their kids with her and palms them off on Lynette who then leaves them playing in Lucy’s office.

Lucy fumes when she finds the girls playing with her expensive figurines and immediately berates the Hispanic maid outside her office. Carlos and Gabby watch the commotion and Lucy insults the children causing Carlos to fire her.

Susan gets a surprise when Karl turns up wanting to enrol his son in their school. Susan plays along but when young Evan draws scary pictures Susan is concerned and Karl is called in to discuss them. Tempers flare at the school and Susan throws paint in Karl’s eyes. Evan keeps drawing bad pictures and Karl comes to Susan and explains its because his mother has left them both. Susan is sorry, she always wanted Karl to feel how he made her feel but now he does she doesn’t like it.

As a result of therapy Bree learns it is her fault Orson steals and so agrees to do anything to help him, including selling her business. As the deal is about to be wrapped up she has a change of heart and refuses to let him control her like this and doesn’t sell. Orson says he may steal again and Bree says she doesn’t care.

Edie, after much faffing about, finally gets the fax from the newspaper about Dave who is currently executing his plan. He has the gun and Katherine is in his sights, he is about to shoot when his phone goes off causing him to miss Katherine. Edie has text Dave telling him to come home now. Mike and Katherine run back to the cabin and leave, Dave tries to comfort them but can’t.

Back home Dave confronts Edie who knows everything about his past. She wants to know if Dave ever really loved her or just used her to get onto Wisteria Lane. She calls Mike to warn him but Dave gets in the way and strangles Edie but stops just before she can die. Edie runs out of the house.

Meanwhile Orson has snuck out and broken into an old ladies home, but she catches him and hits him with a baseball bat. She stumbles out into the road as Edie heads straight towards him in her car. She swerves, misses him but crashes into a pylon causing one of the cables to fall. Orson flees the scene and Edie gets out of the car only to be struck by the cable and electrocuted.

Fantastic episode, looks like Dave may get away with it after all but I’m still concerned that his original plan didn’t see him kill Mike. Surely once Mike has grieved he’ll be able to get over it unlike Dave, unless Dave is next going to target MJ. Be interesting to see how this is going to play out in the final few episodes.

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