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Episode 519 – “Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know”
After Edie died in the car crash, she narrates the episode and we have a tribute to Edie and her relationships with those on Wisteria Lane. We see how when she first moved to the street, her and Susan were good friends but fell out when Edie admitted to sleeping with a married man. We see how Edie was there for Lynette when she was feeling down due to the cancer and how Edie made her feel better. We see how Edie visited Orson in prison when Bree couldn’t bring herself to do it, then make her realise what a terrible wife she was being. We see how when Gabby and Carlos broke up that Edie was there to help her through it by taking her out on the town. All of these are revealed as the ladies head on a road trip to take Edie’s ashes to her son.

When they get there Travers doesn’t want her, thinking she was a terrible mother. Mrs. McClusky then recounts how she and Edie shared a tearful moment over how hard it was for Edie to be without her son, but she felt she was doing the right thing. Travers thanks the ladies for coming but asks them to keep his mother.

Back on the Lane and the ladies decide to scatter Edie all over the place because she was a big part of Wisteria and deserves it to be her final resting place.

Another episode that seemed to jump away from the story, whilst I feel this season has been strong with the storyline of Dave, there isn’t really any other sub-plots going on that can keep the other episodes on track when the main story needs to take a detour. Still, it was nice to see a tribute to Edie, but this late in the season we should be building tension and drama. I’ll miss Edie, she was a good character.

Y2Rating: 7/10

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