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Episode 510 – “A Vision’s Just A Vision”
Carlos is getting his sight back! But now Gabby must come to terms with him finding out that she has sold a lot of his things, like his family treasured Lou Gerrick signed baseball. To get it back she must dance on a table for an old Italian man but when Carlos sees she has sold all her jewelry and dresses to support the family, Carlos sells it on again and buys her a new dress. There is another Carlos/Gabby tender chat but this time it does it much better and there is so much emotion in it. Truly heartwarming between these two this week.

Porter is arrested and the bail is set at $20,000. Tom wants to dip into the savings but that’s what Lynette used to pay off Ann! Preston pretends to be Porter as he runs away and Lynette allows Preston to go up in front of the judge rather than risk losing the bail bonds she used the resturant for as collateral and not told Tom about.

MJ isn’t taking nicely to Katherine and throws a sundae at her. Edie says it’s because Susan is acting nastily towards Katherine and MJ can sense it so Susan tags along on a bowling trip with Katherine and Mike. MJ seems to start warming to Katherine until he sees his mum and dad sitting together, Mike’s hand on Susans knee and he throws a bowling ball at Katherine. Later on MJ reveals Susan said she and Mike may get back together and Susan asks Mike if he ever thinks about it and he walks out.

Bree learns Orsons surgeon is dating her son so invites them over for dinner. When she also invites the gay couple of the street whispers start to spread at the dinner table. Apparently the doctor has appeared in a gay porn movie. Bree confronts Andrew and he already knew, but he thanks his mum for looking out for him. Also Andrew and Alex plan to get married.

Dave keeps seeing a woman and child in Wysteria Lane, Lynette overhears him talking to the door saying he was sorry, of course he still loved them and he’d visit tomorrow. Later he is seen talking to that woman and child but when the camera turns around it is revealed that he is at a grave, the grave of the woman and child that Susan killed in the car crash five years ago. Dave says he will be with his family soon, but first he is going to make Mike Delfino suffer as he has suffered.

Shocking! Shockingly good. Desperate Housewives is the one show for me that has maintained such a high standard throughout this season, why can’t all shows learn from this?

Y2Rating: 8/10

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