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Episode 509 – “Me and My Town”
In the aftermath of the fire everyone is trying to cope, with both the good and the bad. Susan bumps into Katherine at the hospital and questions her about who she is visiting, then with Mike she tastes a macadamia nut cookie and spits it out. Mike says they’re from a friend and Susan twigs he’s moved on, not only that but he’s dating someone she knows. Susan goes to speak to Katherine about Mike’s new lover and when Katherine is spotted cooking macadamia nut cookies, Susan puts two and two together and storms out. Katherine lets it slip Bree knew and so Susan goes to see her. Bree tells Susan she either needs to end things with Mike or tell him how she really feels. She ends up apologising to Katherine but I don’t think this is over.

Orson has taken a blow to the nose and it means he is snoring like a rhino. Bree asks him to get surgery but he refuses, citing that a friend of the family died going in for outpatient surgery. Bree sleeps on the couch as a result but Orson convinces her to sleep in bed again after drugging her tea. But Bree has already taken a sleeping pill so oversleeps and then drinks the tea with the other pill in it the next morning so goes to an event dazed and confused. When she finds out what has happened she bribes Orson into getting the surgery. The doctor can tell Orson isn’t really up for it so calls his boyfriend to ask they not turn out like his patients. The man on the other end promises they won’t, and it’s Andrew!

After taking another blow to the head Carlos has a scan which reveals a shard of bone near his eye which may be causing the blindness. He is told he can have surgery which may remove it but Gabby is scared he’ll get his sight back, see her and leave. She goes on a workout and when the doctor says he can bring the surgery forward a month Gabby tries to stop it but Carlos isn’t letting her stop this. She reveals her worries to him and there is yet another Gabby/Carlos heart to heart and they all feel better about the situation.

Lynette gives Ann a wad of cash to leave town, she takes it and gets the next bus out of Fairview. Lynette tells her that when the baby comes she can contact her or Tom but never Porter. Ann says there is no baby, never was and walks off. Lynette is questioned by the police who heard that Porter threatened the bar owner so she asks Porter to be honest and tell her if he did it. He says he didn’t and then reveals another truth that he hasn’t heard from Ann. He asks his mother if she has heard anything and she lies, saying no.

Dave, who has been feeling guilty over the fire and being called a hero learns that Porter is a suspect in the fire so goes to the police and says he saw him in the back room.

Inevitably a calmer episode after the hijinks of the last but still good, some laughs and some drama which is always a good mix. I don’t know how Dave is going to get away with this once they realise it is his doctor that was killed in the backroom, he could pass the blame of the fire onto this chap but I don’t think they’ll ever find out that he was murdered from just his dental records.

I’m quite surprised we’re only on episode 9 of the season, a lot has gone on and we’ve still a long way to go.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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