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There was no Family Guy or American Dad this week – can anyone tell me for why? So all I had to watch last night was Desperate Housewives, not that there is any shame in that. So lets crack on.

I know you can’t expect fireworks every week, but at the moment, we’re not even sparking a match. Another weak episode, focusing mainly on the new younglins in Wysteria Lane. Susan and Mikes son MJ is a victim of bullying, but he’s being bullied by Wanita, Gabriel’s giant daughter. When Susan speaks to Gabby about this she laughs it off which causes the two to have a fall out. Gabby is having problems of her own, her and Carlos are running out of money and so need to sell their car, the one they’re replacing it with is from Andrew who admits full disclosure and tells them they’re buying crap.

On her first ride in her new car the radiator goes and Gabby has to pay to have it repaired, Andrew refuses to help her out as he admitted full disclosure so Gabby has to threaten to ram her car into the back of his new shiny one for him to pay up.

Meanwhile Orson and Bree have guests coming for the weekend, Danielle, her new husband and Benjamin. It’s taken them three years to agree to this and Bree manages to ruin it in a day, much to Orson’s anger, after disapproving how her (now) grandson is being raised. After feeding him meat when Danielle has expressed he is a vegetarian, Benjamin brings it all up and Danielle leaves. Orsons anger with Bree grows as he can’t believe she’s ruined this reunion and its unlikely he’ll ever see his son again.

Karen and Kathryn are still trying to find out more about Dave, Edie knows nothing about her husband either after they grill her so Edie asks him for some answers at a public party, Dave uncomfortably gives them to her and then complains back at home that Edie has embarrassed him. Edie apologises saying it was Mrs. McClusky who had made her feel she didn’t know her husband which clicks with Dave and he gives that sinister glare out the window.

Finally Dave has been up to his evil manipulative tricks after Tom is being forced by Lynette to clear out his garage. He is told to throw out his bass guitar, but Dave wants to jam with him as Dave has a drum set. Lynette destroys the bass in order to stop the music but Dave buys him a new one, telling Lynette that he is saving her marriage.

Everyone seems to learn a lesson about bullying in this episode, but again, we are no further in the story. Yes, Dave is becoming more mysterious, but no seeds are really sewn or watered. Everyone faces tension in their relationships and who is Dave after? Not many laughs this episode either which meant it didn’t have much going for it at all. Hopefully we can get this train back on track soon! The show was the most-watched non sporting related event of the evening in the US with numbers of 10.1/15.

Y2Rating: 5/10

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