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Episode 705 – “The Man With Two Brians”
After Peter and the gang watch Jackass they decide to try some stunts themselves. One goes wrong and leaves Peter in the middle of the lake with a broken arm. After Brian tries to rescue him but puts his back out in the process the family realise that Brian is getting old. Peter decides to bring home a new family dog called “New Brian”. New Brian gets all the attention, he is funny and kind and this forces Brian to leave, but Stewie knows something is up when New Brian doesn’t make any comments about how Stewie pronounces “cool-whip”. Stewie asks Brian to come home but he says he won’t whilst New Brian is around. Stewie confronts New Brian and learns that he has been humping Rupert! Stewie then kills New Brian and Brian can come home.

Couple of the same gags from Stewie with the “cool whip to Buzz Killington” and they probably used that again because there was nothing else funny in the show. Sure the Quagmire Jackass stunt gave us a giggle and the final scene with Stewie cleaning Rupert made me chortle but perhaps I, like Brian, am getting too old for this.

Y2Rating: 4/10

Episode 405 – “Escape From Pearl Bailey”
I can’t believe it, I really can’t. Last week I wrote that American Dad needs to step away from Stan all the time and what do we get this week, a Steve centric story where Francine and Stan have one line each and nothing from the rest of the main cast. But it doesn’t work. It is refreshing to have a different setting but it is not a new story.

Steve hooks back up with his old girlfriend Debbie and gets her to run for class president, when she fails because of a hate campaign run by Steve’s friends, Steve goes out to get revenge on the girls he thought ran the campaign. Debbie breaks up with Steve again when she learns he was out getting revenge when she asked him to let it go, but they get back together at the end when the whole school is after Steve and his friends.

Very familiar, no humour. Sorry American Dad.

Y2Rating: 3/10

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