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Episode 707 – “Ocean’s Three and a Half”
Bonnie finally has her baby! They call her Suzy and Stewie falls in love. He tries to write her a song but struggles and in the end makes a video for Bryan Adam’s Everything I Do…With the birth of his new daughter Joe is struggling for money after the expensive hospital bill. He turns to loan sharks but when he can’t pay them back, they break his legs. Peter comes up with a plan to steal the money from his father-in-law at one of his “put your money in my vault” parties.

Funny episode after a long period of absence. There were two sections that didn’t fit with the story but that took five minutes from the run time each, those being the music video, which was funny. The second was the Christian Bale rant with Peter added in so it sounded like Bale was lashing out at him. That was hilarious. Maybe because I hadn’t heard the Bale rant until this?

Great episode and glad we’ve finally seen the birth of little baby Swanson. There was a joke by Quagmire after she was born where he said “she’s already 18”, I thought they could have done something like “she’s already 10” seeing as the show has been running on and off for the past ten years. But a pervert Quagmire joke is just as funny.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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