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Episode 708 – “Family Gay”
Peter buys a retarded racehorse that causes over $100,000 worth of damages at the racecourse. To pay for this Peter becomes a medical test subject, being injected with a number of experimental genes in order to make money. One of these genes in the gay gene that turns Peter gay.

When things start getting better at home Lois is happy with her new gay husband, but he isn’t interested in her anymore. The doctor says he doesn’t know how long it will take for the drug to wear off, it could be permanent, so Lois agrees to lose her husband to his new gay lover.

Brian wants to help Lois so takes Peter to straight camp where he fails miserably. Lois is upset with Brian for doing such a thing and releases Peter to return to his gay lover. When he returns there is a surprise party waiting for him, an all gay eleven-way! The doctor then finds his notes which say the gay gene should wear off about now and it does as Peter is about to frolic. He runs out and the family agree never to talk about it again.

Pretty funny episode, not laugh out loud though. Kept me entertained.

Y2Rating: 6/10

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