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Episode 709 – “The Juice Is Loose”
After a lengthy introduction featuring three minutes of Conway Twitty, we finally get into the story. Peter finds an old coupon entitling him to a round of golf with OJ Simpson, whilst the family don’t want him to do it, Peter doesn’t believe the stories. Eventually Joe convinces Peter to wear a wire and get OJ to confess but OJ finds the wire and breaks down, only wanting a normal life. Peter apologises and says he’ll help him.

OJ moves to Quahog and Peter throws him a moving in party which only causes the citizens to riot. He talks them round but ends up stabbing them and running away.

Once we got past Conway Twitty it was a pretty solid episode, but still, was there really a need for three minutes of non-Family Guy animation?

Y2Rating: 7/10

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