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Episode 710 – “Fox-y Lady”
The Griffins tune into Fox news everyday to see the sexy looking anchorwoman but when the show goes into High Definition she is instantly fired because she actually looks ugly in HD. Lois applies to be the new anchor and gets it as Brian fumes that Fox only report what they want to. This is proved when Lois is tasked in finding out if Michael Moore is gay but the story is scratched when Moore’s man lover could be someone the station admires.

It turns out that Moore and his lover are the same person, all played by Fred Savage who Brian suggests is the worlds greatest actor. Meanwhile Chris, Peter and Meg devise a new TV show called ‘Handi-Quacks’ about disabled ducks. All Meg’s suggestions are belittled until eventually they kick her off the show. Peter pitches the idea to Fox who want to make some changes but Peter refuses and takes his idea away.

Laughable in places, great to see Fred Savage somewhere other than repeats of the Wonder Years.

Y2Rating: 6/10

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