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Episode 711 – “Not All Dogs Go To Heaven”
When Meg gets the mumps from a Star Trek convention she is left alone in her room with only the God Channel for company. After five days of this she is brainwashed into becoming a disciple of Jesus. Brian admits he is an atheist and the whole town goes into shock, segregating him and no one will serve him booze anymore.

To counter this he admits he’s seen the light but Meg takes him with her on a book burning rally. Brian admits he lied but makes Meg see sense telling her if there was a God, why would he be so mean to Meg and give her that face? Meanwhile Stewie builds a Star Trek transporter and uses it to kidnap the cast of the Next Generation. But being with them all for a few days is not as pleasurable as he hoped.

I’m not going to say much about this episode but merely point you in the direction of Real Life Comics.

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