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Episode 713 – “Stew-Roids”
At Joe and Bonnie’s BBQ Stewie is playing with some dolls when new baby Suzie snatches one away from him. When he tries to take the doll back Suzie beats up Stewie which forces Peter to make him more of a man. Peter takes Stewie to the gym where an instructor offers Stewie steroids which Peter accepts. Stewie buffs up but doesn’t come face to face with Suzie. Instead he mocks Brian or B to the Ry and threatens him for money.

But the effect doesn’t last forever and one morning Stewie wakes up to find his muscles gone and flabby skin all that’s left. He falls out the window but manages to fly to safety. Meanwhile Connie D’Amico is tired of the jock boys and decides she is going to date a nerd and turn him popular. She chooses Chris but realises that he is a genuinely sweet guy and she falls for him. Chris becomes popular and at a party ends up cheating on Connie.

In order to get revenge and restore order at the school Connie teams up with Meg who has been trying to befriend Connie and together they embarrass Chris and return to their rightful places in the school social ladder.

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