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Episode 204 – “Murray Takes It To The Next Level”
Murray puts it to Bret and Jermaine that they become friends. At the moment they’re work colleagues but if they start hanging out they could become friends. Bret and Jermaine agree but also want to play some bigger venues, at the moment the “Camper Van” gig, although a sellout, was only playing to two people. Murray puts them in an elevator.

Mel has been having dreams about the Conchords and Bret has been doing something in them that upsets her. She asks for an apology and Jermaine agrees. Mel sings about wishing life was more like her dreams.

When Bret and Jermaine become friends with Murray according to his graph, they are allowed to meet Jim. (Played by special guest Jim Gaffigan). Jim asks a lot of questions and later calls the Conchords to see if they want to hang out. Jermaine doesn’t, he calls Jim a bit of a dick and when this gets back to Murray he puts it on the graph and the Conchords are now only strangers to him – according to the graph. He says it’ll be a bit weird at tomorrows band meeting but introduces himself to them.

The final song is another weak one, this series hasn’t been strong on the song front and it’s well known that Bret and Jermaine were struggling to come up with new material for this season. I can only hope that they’re saving the best til last.

Y2Rating: 5/10

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