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Episode 207 – “Prime Minister”
The New Zealand consulate is buzzing, the Prime Minister is coming over for a visit to the United States and Murray has been appointed his aide. Due to him being busy Murray could only get the Conchords a gig as a Simon and Garfunkel tribute act. At the show a psycho fan falls for Jermaine as Garfunkel and takes him on a date. They meet a number of other look-a-likes including two Elton Johns.

When the Prime Minister arrives Murray is supposed to take him to Washington to see the President but he can’t get an appointment. They end up talking with Dave about the Matrix and both the PM and Dave believe the Matrix is real and they’re living it. Jermaine feels wrong about sleeping with his girlfriend being dressed as Art Garfunkel and everyone agrees it’s a bit odd. Before Jermaine can break up with her the real Art Garfunkel turns up on her door and begs her to take him back.

As an apology for not getting to meet the President, Murray organises a Bar-B-Q for the Prime Minister. He hires some more people from the look-a-like agency including a Barrack Obama and tricks the PM into believing it’s the real one. But when the PM spots the two Elton Johns going through a door one after another he believes there is a glitch in the Matrix and jumps off a ledge.

The songs weren’t memorable this week, one, Bret singing karaoke, was just terrible, but thankfully this was supported by some amazing dialogue from the New Zealanders and some hilarious situations. Bret being the body guard and having to pretend to have a gun was a particular highlight.

Y2Rating: 7/10

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