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Episode 208 – “NewZealandTown”
The Conchords play a gig where only one person shows up, a new low. Not even Mel could make it tonight. Murray says its because they are uncool and he offers them some hair gel to make them cooler. He used some a few years back to find his look. The New Zealand Prime Minister is still about, he is setting up plans for a NewZealandTown, like China Town or Little Italy. He needs a band to play but thinks the Conchords are uncool.

Bret and Jermaine try the hair gel and suddenly become cool, playing a gig in front of hundreds of people and leading the PM to book them for the opening. But they run out of hair gel and Murray promises to bring them some more but he forgets and leaves the Conchords too afraid to go out for four days. When Murray eventually finds them he convinces them that it was they who were cool, not the hair gel, and they go to the gig.

Once they start playing, the crowd that was there disperses, even Mel walks away, and Murray concedes that perhaps it was the hair gel all along.

Another good episode, although lacking on the songs today. I want to see things turn around for the Conchords, I want them to play bigger gigs, we’ll have to see how Murray handles the situation. He has got top flight experience, why not use some of it?

Y2Rating: 7/10

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