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Episode 209 – “Wingmen”
We start with a song, straight off the bat, and a pretty damn good one as Bret has seen a girl he likes who works at the “cheap zoo”. He convinces Jermaine to be his wingman but Dave pops along too and gives Bret some bad advice. In the end Bret just comes away with three goldfish because if you buy two, you get a third free.

Eventually the flat is abundant with fish and Mel offers to help Bret find out more about his girl. They go through her trash and find her electricity bill and some bike magazines. They surmise that she must like tough guys so decide to stage a mugging. Bret bumps into her on the way home and they hit it off, Bret wants to forgo the mugging but its too late, Jermaine has enlisted a real mugger to do the job who gets carried away, hits Bret and runs off with the bag.

Bret and Savannah still go to dinner and then back at the flat get freaky, as per Dave’s advice. Later Jermaine gets released from the police and comes home, Savannah recognises him at one of the muggers and they come clean that it was all a plan to get her to like Bret. It backfires and she leaves.

Meanwhile Murray blames Greg for the lack of sandwiches at a meeting and struggles to make it up with him.

I like the Conchords, its episodes like this that make me chuckle. The strange places the goldfish were hiding, “Jermaine doesn’t go online” remarks, all good. The opening song was a simple guitar jam, what I really love. That and the poster slogan this week…”New Zealand, worth a go”.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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