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Episode 210 – “Evicted”
Bring out the box of tissues as the Conchords are no more. After the landlord realises he can’t cash their cheque because they’ve paid him in New Zealand dollars, the Conchords are evicted. Murray invites them to stay with him but warns them he’s a sleep-groper so they refuse and end up staying with Mel.

There is a Russian song that really doesn’t fit into the show and then the Conchords decide to fulfil Murray’s idea of putting on a musical about their lives. On opening night Murray invites some people from the embassy but it was probably a bad idea. After the show Murray has some great news and some pretty terrible news. The good news is they did it, the bad news is the musical brought attention to their illegal immigrant status and so they are sent back to New Zealand.

I was hoping for perhaps a happier ending, however this was fitting and the episode was funny if lacking in music. How has this season been then? I’ve enjoyed it, sadly I’ve felt that songs haven’t been of a great standard which only furthers the fact the Conchords were struggling to write material for this series. Looking forward to the DVD however, this does warrant a second watch.

Y2Rating: 7/10

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