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Yesterday was Halloween. This morning I awoke to find our house had been egged.

In my younger days I went trick or treating, but I only ever went to the houses of people I knew or my friends knew. I never knocked on a strangers door. And this was back in the 80s.

With all the news of child abduction (April Jones still missing) and child abuse allegations (Jimmy Saville) rife in the news, how on earth DARE parents let their children knock on a strangers door and ask them for sweets? You have no right to demand another human spend their hard earned money on sweets to give to children they will never see again (perhaps until next year).

I would never let my children out to do this, who knows what they might be given. Was it on an episode of Friends where the children wouldn’t accept the home made cookies by Monica because they didn’t know what she may have put in them? If you won’t accept what you’re given you go hungry. You just don’t know who is going to answer the door. What if a group of unattended children open the door to a paedophile? “Just come in and wait whilst I fetch the candy?” SERIOUSLY! THIS COULD HAPPEN! What if the person had just come home from a very stressful day at work? What if they answered the door naked? There are so many variables to consider than just trick or treat.

Then, for the kids to have the nerve, to throw eggs at houses where they don’t get their way. It sickens me, its vandalism, but they can get away with it because its Halloween? Things need to stop.

I’m all for people going out, getting dressed up and having a good time. But don’t go to strangers houses, go to the youth center or have a house party. Going door to door in this day and age should cease, full stop. Whilst it is a shame you can’t let your kids play alone outside anymore, or leave your front door open during the summer holidays, we have to accept that we live in a much more perverse world than we did two decades ago. We have to move with these times and in order to do so, trick or treating needs to be outlawed.

And if I ever catch the kids who threw the eggs at my house, the authorities will be notified. You have been warned.

Archived: Halloween Rant - archived
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