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Happy New Year!

Much like I did last year I have set myself some goals for 2011, new year resolutions some call them. I always set these out at the start of the year but I never really follow through with them, believing them to be unattainable or just plain laziness on my part. However I proved to myself three years ago that I can indeed do what is necessary when I gave up alcohol for the entire year. Whilst I may have “fallen off the wagon” I am by no means a big drinker thesedays.

So what do I have planned for 2011? Here are my resolutions for this year.

1. Blog More.
I find that this website is very sparse, it is mainly full of news stories I read elsewhere and want to share. I will be changing this. First and foremost I will be writing reviews for EVERY film I see regardless of if it is brand new or I’ve seen it a million times. I want to get that section of the site bustling!

I have even had a request from a fellow film nerd to help write some reviews in a unique way so hopefully that will attract visitors. Our first attempt will be Inception as soon as the blu-ray arrives from Amazon (hopefully later today). I do need to refresh my memory on that movie as it’s so intricate.

2. Learn Guitar
At the works Christmas dinner I met a colleagues husband who is a guitar tutor. Having had my two guitars for the best part of ten years now I think it’s only time I finally had some sort of tutelage rather than relying on myself, as this very website proves, I am rather lazy and so having someone push me I will hopefully become a better player.

3. Learn to Dance
I went to a fund-raising salsa lesson at the back end of last year. I was petrified, I had never danced before. I didn’t know anyone there other than one girl who invited me along in the first place so I was rather worried. Whilst I couldn’t actually get the dancing right exactly I came away with a huge smile on my face and so I have vowed that I will go again. I have met someone who teaches so I’m hoping once again it’s a case of “who you know” that will force me to not be such a procrastinator!

4. Make a movie!
This has been hanging over my head for years. The idea has morphed from a movie to a ten minute video which has now moved into the idea for a web based TV series. Following the same conventions as my novel (which I’m still writing) and the idea for the big movie, should the show take off it will be a collection of stand-alone adventures.

5. Get fitter
This is your bog standard resolution but one that I am in desperate need to achieve. I played twenty minutes of football at the weekend and I was truly puffed out. It’s high time I get fit so I can do what I enjoy every week for a full ninety minutes! I have also moved house again and have a friend capable of telling me no when I put too big a portion on the plate and a kitchen that I can use to cook healthy meals rather than going out every night for take-away!

So those are my goals for this year, I’ve made them fairly easy to achieve in the hope that they’ll overlap and help each other out. For example, I can blog more as I make my movie, giving you step by step insights into what I’m up to. I can get fitter whilst I dance as well as the football and hopefully my buddy who I now live with will encourage me to join him on his runs and jogs that he frequents.

So here is to 2011, the year I finally get my act together and do something with my life. I finally have a job I enjoy and one that will hopefully take me places so career-wise I’m happy. Lets shift this personal side into gear!

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