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Heroes Episode 404 – Acceptance

Noah is bumbling about at home, not sure what to do. Claire visits him and they have a nice chat that makes him feel better about his otherwise wasted life. Tracey gets her job back with the Governor but decides she doesn’t really want it after all. She goes to see Noah who tells her that she needs to do what she wants now she has her life back. Samuel Sullivan paints another picture on who he needs next and it turns out to be Noah. He says that’s impossible as Noah is retired but he is told that perhaps he’s changed his mind. Back at his apartment Noah is looking at pictures of members of the Sullivan Bros. Carnival and an article on a compass.

Hiro agrees to walk his sister down the aisle at her wedding to Ando but he isn’t happy because the wedding is over a year away and worries Hiro might not be alive still then. They get a call at Dial-A-Hero and it is a former employee who is on the roof and ready to jump. He tells Hiro his life fell apart after he was fired for photocopying his rear at the party. Hiro goes back in time to change that but events repeat themselves over and over again.

Eventually Hiro agrees with Ando that he will tell his sister he is dying and he then tells the jumper about mortality and acceptance. He doesn’t jump and Hiro has saved him. Back inside and Hiro tells his sister about his illness and then has another attack, panicked Ando calls the hospital but then Hiro vanishes in front of both Ando and his sister.

Nathan is having visions of his past and in one of them he sees a dead girl but from all accounts he thought this girl ran away. Peter tells him to go visit the girls mother, Angela’s friend Millie, in hope that seeing objects from the past will bring back his memory. Nathan does this and reveals that in an accident he did kill Millie’s daughter. He tells her this but she refuses to believe him.

Later Nathan is attacked and taken to the woods where he is shot three times and buried. The attacker calls Millie and tells her the deal is done. Later still, back in the woods, Nathan’s arm raises from the ground because obviously this isn’t Nathan. This is Sylar who climbs out of the ground.

Pretty good episode again, I’m impressed with Heroes so far this season. Although now Sylar is back, does this mean his angle with Matt is over? Does this also mean that Nathan is finally written out of the show? Until next week.

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