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Episode 5.07 -“What More Do I Need?”
Susan and Jackson are taking it slow as they get back into their relationship and Susan is holding out on sex until the fourth date, much to Jackson’s frustration. He tells her that he used to be an art painter but has since come upon a creative block but thanks to the huge sexual frustration he’s now experiencing he takes up painting again. In an expected twist, Susan wants sex by the third date but Jackson now doesn’t want it. There is also the plot between the two that Susan doesn’t think Jackson knows enough about her, but when she sees the portrait of her he has done she realises he knows more than she thinks.

Bree fires an employee for stealing but he comes back to ransack the shop and finds more than he bargained for, a surveillance tape that shows a couple going at in on the kitchen counter. The employee blackmails Bree and Orson and Bree asks Andrew to get the tape back. He does and the three watch it only to find it isn’t Bree and Orson doing the dirty as expected but Kathryn and Mike!

Gabby and Carlos spend the day at Virginia’s mansion, Gabby loving living the rich life again, but after Virginia convinces them to stay the weekend, Gabby realises that perhaps Virginia has other intentions. When watching a movie in bed Virginia comes in and decides to watch it too and climbs into bed next to Gabby. The family leave for a birthday party for their daughter but Virginia turns up there too which forces Gabby to confront her and humiliate her in the street. Virginia goes home and calls the country club to inform them that Carlos has been massaging her inappropriatly and breaks down.

Mrs. McClusky and Roberta try to get some more information about Dave. They find out that he calls a doctor every month and then find out that the doctor has a very unique specialism, he treats the criminally insane. When he learns what Roberta and Karen are up to he gets on the next plane to Fairview.

Lynette confronts Tom about his affair and Tom jokes around about it which enrages Lynette until she finds out the truth that it is Porter who is having the affair. It is revealed who with and Tom and Lynette try to force Porter into seeing sense. it doesn’t work as he plans on running away with his older lady but she has a shocking revelation for him. She’s pregnant!

Funny in places but also there were a lot of predictable parts too which let it down. Nevertheless next week is the mid-season finale and boy it should be good!

Y2Rating: 7/10

Episode 3.08 – “Villains”
The Heroes logo has been replaced this week with a Villains one and we follow Hiro on his spirit walk. He is looking back in time at what makes someone a hero or a villain and namely Arthur Petrelli. Much like Desperate Housewives a couple of weeks ago, we almost Tarrantino this week with a lot of intersecting stories that link up with events we have seen in the first season and it works well.

We learn that Arthur and Linderman are working together but Nathan is about to close a case that will expose Linderman as a crook and then fall back to Arthur who says he’ll talk to Nathan, and if that doesn’t work, he’ll kill him. We see Nathan’s car get run off the road and his wife’s crash that led to her paralyses. Angela questions Arthur about the accident thinking he did it but he refuses to be blamed. Later he is talking to Linderman about doing it right the second time which Angela hears and so Arthur puts the thought into her head that Nathan must die.

Linderman then becomes the hero when he heals Angela’s scars to make her see how Arthur has been manipulating her all these years so Angela poisons her husband with the help of the Haitian to keep his powers at bay. Arthur “dies” but he is still alive, having put thoughts into the mind of the nurse to tell his family he was dead and to replace his body for the cremation.

We learn some other things like Meridith and Flint are actually brother and sister, Elle used to work with Noah but she started falling for Sylar who they were trying to trick into taking the power from another person to see how he did it.

The ending was exciting as Hiro comes out of his spirit walk to hear a scream! The precog is lying dead outside, his head torn from his body. Then Arthur appears and grabs Hiros head who then screams.

I doubt Hiro is going to die, he’ll probably go back in time and do something, that or Arthur won’t kill him but just take his ability. Good episode, looking forward to more.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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