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Episode 10 – “The Eclipse: Part 1”
It’s gone from “coming” to “here”! The solar eclipse begins and strange things are happening to our Heroes. Matt and Daphne are told by Angela to get Hiro and help him, they wonder where to start when Hiro and Ando turn up on their doorstep! Matt tries to get into Hiros head but can’t understand the Japanese. Daphne asks Matt is he trusts her and he pauses before saying ‘yes’ which causes Daphne to leave him for home. Matt gets Hiro to teleport them to her home and as they arrive in the corn fields of Kansas the eclipse starts.

The eclipse seems to cause our heroes to lose their powers. Mohinder can feel it coming and himself changing. He wraps himself up in a cocoon and later falls naked out of it, back to his normal self. He’s excited to go see Maya now he’s not a monster but Flint and Arthur want him to work on getting their powers back.

In probably the funniest moment in the series so far, Matt, now powerless, tries to force Daphne’s Dad to let him in by using his powers, but because they’re not working her Dad just laughs at him. Brilliant! Later Matt says he isn’t leaving until Daphne lets him in as he loves her, she does and says she didn’t want him to see her like this as she comes out in crutches with leg braces on. Obviously been using them a bit to much methinks.

Hiro and Ando set about to get their powers back and Hiro takes them to a comic book shop run by the guys from Robot Chicken Seth Green and Breckin Mayer. Quality. They all feature on the cover of the next issue of 9th Wonders. I wonder who’s writing this? The last one was written by Issac and had his name in big letters on the back, who is writing this new one?

Claire, the cataylst remember, is told to lay low but she doesn’t want to. Angela reintroduces her to Noah who takes her to the vortex guys house where they can be safe. Claire is angry at not being able to do anything so Noah says he’ll train her. He gets her to swing floorboards at him and tells her how to do it better. Soon she is dripping with sweat and tired and Noah asks her whats on her mind. She tells him she hated it when he left her as she thought she’d never see him again. He apologises to her.

Arthur asks Sylar to go get Claire, Elle goes with him. When they are at the car dealership Elle tells the clerk that Sylar is a psycho killer who has kept her hostage and the clerk comes at Sylar with a gun. Elle asks him what’s he going to be, boyscout or hero? Sylar says he hates heroes. They go to get Claire but the eclipse has taken their powers! This allows Noah to dislocate Sylar’s arm and smacks Elle with a board – it’s brutally awesome. Elle takes a gun and goes to shoot Noah but Claire jumps in front of the bullet but obviously has lost her ability too. Noah carrys Claire home where they patch her up.

Nathan and Peter are in Bolivia or somewhere looking for the Haitian who is looking for his brother Baron Samedi. They meet up with the Haitian after Nathan and Peter have an disagreement but then Nathan is captured by the Baron and Peter and the Haitian escape.

Claire is so happy to be able to feel pain again and Noah says he won’t leave her, but he does. He goes to kill Sylar and the last shot is of him with a sniper rifle with Sylar in his sights. But Sylar is snogging the face off Elle.

Will we finally see some of the cast die? Has Sylar’s day come? I’m sure he’s one of the biggest draws for the show but with Star Trek about to take him to a different level it may be time to move on. Having said that I’d much rather Peter left than Sylar. Plus I don’t know who Sylar is anymore. When he was in the car dealership he said he hated Heroes and he went to get Claire – typical bad guy. But when he discovered he lost his abilities Elle (who got him to be the bad guy) was upset she made him a pyscho. Ridiculous. But still an awesome episode and I look forward to part 2!

Y2Rating: 9/10

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