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Episode 311 – “The Eclipse Part 2”
Nathan and Peter help the Haitian to stop his evil brother, Baron Samedi. Peter offers to provide a distraction and asks the Haitian to show him how to be a hero even without his powers. When Peter looks to be in trouble the Haitian and Nathan show up to save him and the Haitian takes away his brothers abilities, saving the town.

Hiro and Ando are still at the comic book shop looking for answers but when Hiro reads the back issues of 9th Wonders he sees all the terrible things that have befallen him and he decides he doesn’t want to grow up.

Daphne asks Matt to leave her alone, without her powers she is a cripple and she isn’t a good person. When she gets her powers back she leaves her Dad again and Matt reads his mind to know how upset he is at losing his daughter time and time again. Matt speaks to Daphne and she goes back to her Daddy and they hug.

Noah is still hunting Sylar and Elle but whilst he is away Claire is sicker and is taken to the hospital. When Noah learns the police are on their way to question the shooting, he tells Brenda that he will be right there, but of course he isn’t. Sylar and Elle contemplate their future without powers and Sylar thinks perhaps he is a good guy after all. Noah confronts Sylar again and kills him by slitting his throat.

Claire goes into cardiac arrest and dies on the operating table, but not before the surgeons have opened her up and we see her insides. With her dead, her mother gives her one more look but then the eclipse passes and everyone gets their powers back, so Claire (and Sylar) come back to life.

Seth Green finds that in a back issue of 9th Wonders there is a future Hiro watching Noah get given baby Claire by Hiro’s Dad, they decide that from what he is wearing (because his outfit always changes) it must be the Hiro now, so they tell him to go back to that point in time in order to get his memory back. Hiro zips off without Ando who is later met by Daphne and Matt. They ask what to do and Seth tells them that this is the last post-humus issue of 9th Wonders so they can’t be told anymore…unless an urban legend is true that there is a sketchbook by Issac Mendes lying about somewhere.

Mohinder escapes Pinehearst but arrives at Maya’s just as the eclipse passes and he becomes the monster again. He goes back to Arthur in search of the cure.

Noah apologises to Claire again but she’s not happy, she tells him he wasn’t there for her when she died to which Noah is scared, she died? That means….yes, Sylar is alive and in his house! There is another scuffle and Noah tells Sylar Arthur and Angela aren’t his parents and Elle could tell him all about it. Then Hiro turns up and teleports Elle and Sylar away and then Claire.

On a beach Sylar tells Elle that he can’t be the good guy anymore and kills her. Nathan tells Peter that he respects his decisions but hopes Peter can respect one of his as he thinks Arthur is doing the right thing and giving people abilities, it could help the world if given to the right people. He says sorry and flies off.

Once again Heroes does what it does best, completely fuck up. This was a below par, Nathan, Peter and the Haitian was the dullest part of the story if not Mohinder’s. The eclipse could have been used so much better than the temporary loss of powers, you would have thought the Heroes would have known the consequences, especially if they can go into the future. Once again deaths just don’t happen. Sylar and Claire dying, brilliant! But oh no, they’re alive. And surely Noah, the professional he is, would have put the bullet in the back of Sylar’s head knowing that’s the only way to kill someone with abilities? And another useless Hiro subplot? I hope not.

Sigh, I don’t know where this is going, I hope someplace good. But with the great episodes they’ve had in the run up to this, they somehow manage to bring back everything that sucked about season two in one episode. Disappointing.

Y2Rating: 5/10

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