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Episode 317 – “Cold Wars”
After capturing Noah, Peter, Mohinder and Matt interrogate him at a motel by sending Matt into his mind. We see a series of flashbacks which show how Noah got involved with Nathan and the round up of heroes. As the interrogation continues Mohinder gets more and more agitated by torturing Noah. Then it is revealed just why, Matt unlocks a memory that Noah came to Mohinder and told him about what was about to go down and Mohinder did nothing to stop it.

Whilst Peter has flown off to investigate a lockup mentioned in one flashback, Matt and Mohinder fight when Matt believes Mohinder could have stopped all this and saved Daphne. Noah escapes but not very far as Peter returns and they tie him up again. Another flashback and Matt sends Peter off to the Hunter where he holds him at gunpoint. Noah tells Matt that Daphne is alive. Nathan arrives and talks Peter out of killing the Hunter as both Matt and Mohinder are compromised. Peter flies off again and manages to rescue Matt but its too late for Mohinder.

Nathan asks Mohinder to help him but he refuses so Nathan says he’ll have to kill them all, one by one. Back at Issac’s apartment Matt is painting, he and Peter look at one of the paintings shows the White House blowing up. Noah has been rescued and is talking to the Hunter, Noah has nothing but the job to focus on now which impresses his boss. But Noah is actually still working with Angela and is an inside man.

Another terrible episode. There was no need to have the flashbacks in black and white and once again we have another death revoked and Daphne is still alive. Not to mention another painting of an explosion…sigh.

Y2Rating: 3/10

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