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Episode 318 – “Exposed”
I finally got around to watching this episode and now I’m a week behind. I really wish I hadn’t.

We centre around Claire and her trying to help rescue Alex, the kid who can breathe underwater. Claire has stolen some money from her mother and this prompts her to find out that Claire is hiding Alex in her wardrobe. Sandra is upset that Claire didn’t want to let her in on the plan, she can look after herself and decides to help Claire save Alex.

Some agents out the front of the house storm in but can’t find Alex, later Sandra provides a distraction to allow Claire and Alex to run. They hide in a pool and kiss so Alex can help Claire breathe.

Sylar and Luke are still on their road trip when they stop off at Joes. The place is boarded up but Sylar makes light work of it all. Luke wants to get out of there but Sylar has a flashback to when he was a boy. Here his father sells little Sylar to another family and then kills his wife in front of his son. Sylar is angry and says he’s going to see his Dad now to get revenge. He tells Luke to go home.

Peter and Matt break into Building 26 using their mind control powers, they find some files that will implicate Nathan and threaten to take it to the news companies should they not release Daphne. At the trade off, Peter is shot but manages to escape to Angela. He is patched up and Nathan comes to visit. Peter takes his power and zips off. Angela says the game has changed as the information has reached the news and currently being broadcast.

Just when Claire thinks everything is OK now Alex is free and she’s home and showered she goes downstairs and finds the Puppet Master, Eric Doyle, in her kitchen. He says he got a message from the Rebel saying that Claire would help him.

Not as terrible an episode but marred with some terrible acting from Hayden Panettiere. Honestly, both her and her mother need to be written out now, they’re too stiff, too boring and have no real emotions. Heroes needs freshening up and its cast slimming down. Having two sets of terrible mind control stares was god awful. Not many more episodes left, hopefully they’ll pick up a bit. I’ll stick with it, but I’m not happy about it.

Y2Rating: 3/10

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