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Episode 319 – “Shades of Grey”
Claire refuses to help Eric Doyle even though he promises he has changed and even sheds a tear. He leaves them and Claire is sorry she is attracting all these people to her home. She goes to the comic book shop and takes on Alex’s old job, hoping people will go to her there. She calls Noah and asks how he managed to keep up a double life.

After her shift she gets another message from Rebel saying Doyle is in danger and she rescues him, getting him a whole new identity. She asks if he meant what he said about going straight, he doesn’t answer and walks away. Later Claire gets another message saying her free pass is up and the agents are coming. Luckily for her, so is Nathan who hides her as the agents storm the house.

The Hunter is getting more frustrated and decides to set off Matt Parkman’s bomb. Unfortunately someone has tampered with his devices and disabled the ignition. Nathan flies to Parkman and gets him to get inside the bomb experts head and defuse the bomb himself, he does just in time before the Hunter fixes the problems.

The speed in which Nathan gets to and from Washington raises eyebrows with the Hunter who has suspicions Nathan may have an ability. Noah tells him to go see Angela. Nathan fires the Hunter who says only the President can fire him, he then plays a clip of Tracey saying “you’re one of us Nathan”, and the race is on to expose the other first.

Nathan gets his way and fires the Hunter, causing Noah to step up into his role. The Hunter refuses to believe this and pushes Nathan out of a window, he uses his ability and saves himself.

Later Hiro and Ando appear in LA to rescue Matt Parkman, but its not who they expect, it’s a baby! Meanwhile Sylar visits his father who is dying of cancer. They share the same power of being able to takes others and both have the hunger. His Dad tells him Sylar is weak, he is only hunting small game and needs to use his powers to put him in control. When his Dad learns of Sylars healing ability, he wants it, the hunger is back and they fight. Sylar leaves his father for dead.

When the Hunter returns home, he finds a present from Sylar waiting for him.

Certainly a better episode, some handy coincidences occurring, like the bomb not being able to go off, Matt getting his power back just in time even though he was drugged. But still, better than the past two weeks. I was beginning to think they’d written Hiro and Ando out but nope, here they are, turning up again on another mission that seems ridiculous.

Y2Rating: 5/10

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